The vegetable garden in permaculture

The Petit Villandry vegetable garden is organic, it is treated in permacuture.

Permaculture is the contraction of the terms "permanent" and "agriculture", conveying the idea of cultivating better and sustainably.

This method was born in the 20th century thanks to the Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka. Much more than a way of gardening, it is a true philosophy of life. According to him, "In a real natural agriculture, we don't cultivate and we don't plow".

But how to adopt this ancestral way of life? 

Here, the objective is to reproduce the functioning of nature in gardening, market gardening and more generally, in agriculture. The goal is to create a harmonious, sustainable, autonomous, viable ecosystem that respects all living beings. In this sense, humans must take into account the cycle of nature and biodiversity within their activities.